Rainbow Exchange, a novel multi-intelligent currency trading platform, leads the global trend

2020-12-11 starsgazette

The 21st century is an era of change. People embrace financial technology, deepen strategic change and explore innovative models. The world's top institutions and superpowers are actively exploring the field of blockchain and using blockchain to promote the efficiency of financial services. Like any technological revolution in history, the new technology will have an impact on the inherent old model. But this is also a new opportunity, as Dickens said: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In this best era, many less well-known exchanges have become the world's top exchanges in the wave of blockchain. For example, Binance, OKEX, BitMEX exchange and Bitfinex exchange, etc. This is the opportunity given by the times, and the people need an opportunity to "grasp the future".


Under this background, the Rainbow Exchange (RBEX) appeared with its mission. The purpose of RBEX Exchange is to establish a "world-class high-quality blockchain asset trading platform" and create a safe, fair and open trading platform for users. At the same time, RBEX's mission is to fully display the high-quality blockchain projects, so that some high-quality blockchain projects can still choose services, technologies and security guarantees equivalent to the head exchange platform when they cannot afford the expensive expenses of the first-line exchanges. It provides a new trading choice for the public, helps the development of blockchain technology, and promotes the social progress and commercial development of blockchain application services.


RBEX has strong background strength. It was initiated by Singapore GAME ENGINE Foundation. GAME ENGINE Foundation has rich investment experience and strong network resources in Singapore, and its investment fields include cloud computing, big data, AI intelligence, blockchain, finance and so on. GAME ENGINE manages hundreds of billions of dollars globally, providing abundant financial guarantee for RBEX with funding.


The strategic partners of RBEX include BitMEX Exchange, Bitfinex Exchange, DCG digital cash Group, Distributed Capital, FBG Capital, Danhua Capital, NEO Global Capital and so on. Many strategic partners have brought rich industry resources to the RBEX exchange, which has helped the rapid development of the RBEX exchange.


The technology-leading RBEX aims to build a top trading platform in the industry

1.Full interface model, SOA service architecture scheme

2.GSLB global load balancing deployment

3.Efficient database read-write separation middleware scheme

4.Original distributed group wallet/deployment scheme

5.Billion-level efficient cluster/deployment scheme

6.Efficient CDN static resource separation storage

7.Perfect caching mechanism

8.Cold storage SSL data encryption


RBEX is a professional comprehensive trading platform for digital assets. It is committed to providing users around the world with the most secure digital asset financial service experience. RBEX will seize the opportunity of the times and become the brightest star in the blockchain exchange. 

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